Allyson Almeida

This product has been a godsend and an answer to my prayer! Financially it was also a blessing to me that my medical insurance covered more that 90 percent of the cost—something I never would have expected. Overall it has given me back the ability to live mostly pain free again—something you could never put a price on. As much as my physiotherapist was able to help me with many months of weekly visits and a variety of therapies (TENS, traction, manual adjustments, ice/heat and exercises), after exhausting my # of approved visits and having cortisone shots that were insufficient for the level of relief needed—the DDS brace has proven to be exactly what I needed. I was able to avoid a second cortisone shot due to the brace’s effectiveness as well…something I really appreciated since the first one proved extremely uncomfortable in terms of side effects of the drug. Thank you for a fabulous life-changing product!

Allyson Almeida
Wallingford, CT

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