Dr. Barry Orlove, D.C.

I have been using traction devices with my patients since 1980 both as a Massage Therapist and then as a Chiropractor. I have used my hands, over the door water-bag devices, over the door repetitive devices and inversion devices to achieve traction. All of these have significant limitations. When I first saw the DDS Spinal-Air Decompression Belt and Collar I knew I found something altogether different and I would be using them myself. I have both cervical and lumbar radiculopathies due to herniated dics. I use the DDS equipment first thing in the morning, last thing at night and as needed throughout the day. I have successfully avoided surgery with the use of these devices. The DDS systems are the most effective and economical traction devices on the market today. I recommend them to all of my patients that need traction. There are very few contraindications.

Dr. Barry Orlove, D.C.

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