Dr. Frank T. Bunch

As an Interventional Cardiologist who spends hours at a time wearing a heavy protective lead jacket in an x-ray lab doing research, the DDS 500 has been nothing less than a career saver for me. I began developing pain in my lumbar spine a few years ago. It became so bad that I visited a pain doctor who, among other things, introduced me to the DDS 500. The extra support and pain relief this brace affords me has allowed me to continue working in the lab. I would definitely recommend this brace to anyone who has to wear lead or any extra weight on a continual basis. If I had only had the knowledge of the DDS 500 and the foresight to wear it in the beginning of my career, I am certain I would not be having any back problems now. I encourage all those in my industry to use it for preventative maintenance in the early stages of their career, and if you are suffering any kind of lower back pain as I was, I certainly recommend you start wearing it ASAP.

Dr. Frank T. Bunch
Chairman, International Horizons Group
Mobile, AL

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