Lyn Story

March 4, 2013

I recently received my DDS belt I was skeptic and mad at the world because i have had back pain for 15 years and every time i go to the back doctor they make light of my problem. I tell them about crawling around the house as i cant stand some days with back pain. My husband saw this ad on TV and wanted me to try this. WOW after i wore it for a couple of days i noticed my back felt different. I first said my back is numb but realised it was not numb that was NO PAIN!!!!! It had been so long since i had no pain i did not realize that was what it was. I still couldn’t believe it. I have worn it now for 10 days. Now i am going to try riding my horses again. I have my life back!!! I made a special point to write into DDS to ask about sending in a testimony. I want to share this news with others.

Kind regards,

Lyn Story

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