Maurice Leibman MD


I have had 4 low back surgeries in the last 15 years for back pain from , nerve root compression, scoliosis & spinal stenosis and although I don’t have pain down my legs anymore I have chronic low back pain made worse by standing in surgeries for hours at a time. I heard about the DDS Belt from my physiotherapist and decided to give it a try, not expecting much. I am delighted to say I am much improved and the standing during long surgeries is no longer a dreaded event. It was a bit uncomfortable to use initially and I had to get used to what pressure would work for me … but I am at the point now where I will not stand for any length of time without it. I have started to wear it during regular work hours in the office now as well. I highly recommend the belt … and I have never recommended a device like this before !

Maurice Leibman MD

Thank you!!!!

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