The New & Affordable DDS G2 From the Original Spinal Air Brace Company

DDS’s new G2 Decompression Belt offers consumers an affordable retail back belt to decompress the lumbar spine with the same patented superior technology throughout the DDS line of products.

Spinal decompression stretches the torso vertically and displaces stress away from the affected disc and nerve. Pressure and pain levels, within the lower back, is significantly reduced which will assist in active-rehabilitation.

In addition, a newly designed extended front Velcro closure offers a higher size range accommodating individuals to fluctuate in size and allowing them to share w/ friends and family.



Start enjoying your life free from low back pain!

  • Discreetly worn under clothing to support your active lifestyle.
  • Drug free pain relief.
  • Stretches torso vertically reducing pressure on pinched nerves.
  • Can be worn to prevent pain prior to strenuous activity.
  • Accommodates a wider range of sizes so you can share with your family and friends.
  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.
  • Free Standard Shipping.


The G2 Decompression Belt’s unique and patented spinal air traction design is thin, lightweight and easy to use; it offers a high degree of mobility, alleviating and preventing back pain. It can be discreetly worn under clothing allowing you to perform daily activities such as driving, walking and standing for long periods of time, and enabling those with an active lifestyle to work, enjoy sports and other leisure activities pain-free. Disc Disease Solutions will speed up your recovery and help you enjoy the daily activities that were once too difficult.


No Atrophy!

The Air Spring System promotes active rehabilitation while strengthening and stabilizing the spine. The G2 Belt is flexible and does not restrict muscle movement. It prevents muscles of the lower back from atrophying or weakening.

Spinal decompression is created as the back brace inflates with air. Our patented VAP Technology decreases axial loading while increasing intervertebral disc space by anchoring underneath the rib cage pushing upwards and against the pelvic girdle pushing downwards. This action displaces stress away from the affected disc and nerve. Pressure and pain levels, within the lumbar spine region, is significantly reduced.


Posture Correction

The lower back is especially vulnerable to pain caused by poor posture.  The lower back supports the weight of your upper body.  When you slouch or slump, your spine is not in proper alignment so your muscles and ligaments strain to keep you balanced.   Uneven pressure on the vertebrae leads to wear and tear.

DDS is designed w/ the lumbar curvature in mind.  The air columns will gently re-align the spine by exerting pressure evenly.  Consistent use of DDS will allow the spine to return to its natural shape.




Typical Indications

  • Herniated / Bulging discs
  • Lumbar acute / chronic sprain
  • Spondylolysis and spondylolisthesis
  • Compression fracture in the lumbar region
  • Failed surgery syndrome
  • Low back pain due to physical and/or
    physiological conditions
  • Strenuous jobs requiring heavy lifting and/or
    long hours driving
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Sciatica
  • Congenital weakness in waist

Features & Benefits

  • Relaxes muscle spasms, muscle cramps and helps relieve strain and pain
  • Decreases axial loading
  • Increases disc height
  • Helps maintain proper posture (Improper posture places the upper body weight on the discs that causes back pain)
  • Advanced tubeless air cell design for narrow fit
  • Can be worn discreetly under clothing
  • Assists individuals with strenuous jobs
  • Very lightweight and comfortable
  • Made of 100% highly durable soft cotton lining
  • Machine washable
  • Simple to use

Sizing Chart

Size Measurement
S 27 ~ 33 inches
M 34 ~ 38 inches
L 39 ~ 43 inches
XL 44 ~ 49 inches
2XL 50 ~ 55 inches
3XL 56 ~ 60 inches

* Measurement around the navel
* No extension piece available

DDS G2 is available for purchase.

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What patients are saying

"I was first introduced to the DDS 500 Brace at a company training. Disc Disease Solutions sales manager Steven Fontana had flown out to our corporate headquarters in Kansas City, KS, to educate our staff on how this new brace works so we could best represent it to our client base. As Steven began to explain how the brace creates decompression of the spine by lodging up under the rib cage and pushing down against the pelvic girdle, my interest immediately began to intensify."

Jim Gillespie

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What medical professionals are saying

"Scoliosis had just about brought my active career and lifestyle to a halt. With pinched nerves I was unable to feel toes on my left foot and that leg was numb most of the time. Having heard from several orthopedic surgeons that nothing could be done to correct my spine I was close to being resigned to walking with a cane and enduring the non-stop pain. In addition, over the years I had spoken to many of my own patients who had back surgery"

Martha S. Cassity, D.M.D.

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