Introducing  a Revolutionary Approach in the Treatment of Osteoarthritic Knee Pain

The DDS OA Kneetrac is the perfect solution for moderate to severe osteoarthritis that requires load reduction to the affected medial and lateral compartments of the knee. It incorporates a uniquely designed triangular shaped hinge to provide decompression to unload two compartments in the knee joint, whereas standard braces only unload one .

  • Accepted by Medicare and most private insurances
  • Provides decompression to the knee joint
  • Reduction of pressure supports and stabilizes the knee
  • Drug free osteoarthritic knee pain relief

The posterior straps anchor on top of the calf muscle and to the bottom of the hamstring. As the leg extends the LTS Hinge gently pulls in opposite directions, decompresses,and unloads the knee joint. This reduction of pressure supports and stabilizes the knee, eases pain and assists active rehabilitation.


Read what patients are saying about our OA Kneetrac:

I  don’t have words to express what your Kneetrac has done for my mother in law, who by the time we arrived was literally in tears from the pain, anguish and so depressed I can only imagine what it must be like to feel that helpless. But what your kneetrac did was amazing, as soon as we put it on a million lights went on, she  got up and walked as if she was dreaming. And yes she walked pain free, and she has stayed that way since, she has learned to put the brace by herself, remind you she is 83 years old and is a very happy lady, who can do her chores in perfect comfort.

-Renzo Di Marco

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Leverage Traction System

The revolutionary OA Kneetrac’s Leverage Traction System is the culmination of intelligent frame and hinge design. The LTS technology provides decompression to the knee joint by re-establishing the natural space and cushioning that’s missing between the femur and the tibia when afflicted with osteoarthiritis.

Any loss of cartilage between the knee joint or even a sudden increase in weight can strain the knees and cause painful inflammation.

The Triangular Shaped LTS Hinge acts as a lever to displace heavy body weight away from the affected knee. It is activated whenever the leg transitions from bent to extended positions. The straps anchor on top of the calf muscle and on to the bottom of the hamstring. As the leg extends, the innovative shape of the LTS Hinge gently pulls in opposite directions, unloading the joint to provide immediate support for the affected area.


Principle of Operation

beforeBefore Treatment Osteoarthritis in the knee is the reduction of the natural cushioning between the femur and the tibia. When this occurs, the bones rub more closely against each other which often can cause pain, swelling and limited mobility.
afterAfter Treatment
Weight is displaced from the affected knee. There is less contact between the bones and pain is relieved. Swelling is reduced with an increase in mobility.


Angle Lock System

For a patient who needs rehabilitation, and requires restricted movement of the leg, the OA Kneetrac’s Angle Lock System can be initiated to accommodate such needs.

The allowable range of motion for the knee should be controlled based on the patient’s recovery goals.


Typical Indications

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Pain as a result of a sudden increase in weight

Features & Benefits

  • Reduces the need for pain medication
  • Alternative to surgery
  • Improves knee joint functions
  • Supports and stabilizes the knee
  • Increases mobility
  • Accepted by Medicare and most private insurance companies.
  • Interchangeable Angle Lock System is fully customizable according to the patient’s needs.
  • The OA Kneetrac’s innovative technology effectively unloads multi-compartments of the knee.
  • Ergonomically designed to fit comfortably.
  • Made of ultra-lightweight and highly durable duralumin alloy.

Sizing Chart

Size Thigh
(6" above knee)
(6" below knee)
XS 7"~15.5" 12"~13" 10"~12"
S 15.5"~18.5" 13"~14" 12"~14"
M 18.5"~21" 14"~15" 14"~16"
L 21"~23.5" 15"~17" 16"~18"
XL 23.5"~26.5" 17"~19" 18"~20"
XXL 26.5"~29.5" 19"~21" 20"~22"
XXXL 29.5"~32" 21"~23" 22"~24"

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What patients are saying

"I have an autoimmune disease called IBM which has atrophied my lower muscles among others. The DDS helps to mitigate the strain & experience on my back. The brace helps me to be able to work in my garden.

Jim Scott

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What medical professionals are saying

"This letter is in support of the ambulatory traction belt(DDS Belt) that we have been using at this clinic for over one year for our chronic back pain patients. I would estimate I have seen 80 to 85% of the patients that I have used this with have moderate to significant relief of their back pain when ambulatory or with prolonged standing. I particularly like to use this device because it does not have the side effects of oplold medicines have and also it is noninvasive and again, it has been very helpful with our patients."

Barratt C. Sturtevant, PA-C

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