Recommended for

  • Correcting poor posture
  • Upper back and shoulder pain
  • Clavicle injuries
  • Treat shoulder slump

The DDS Posture treats poor posture and upper back/shoulder pain.  It features an easy-to-adjust figure 8 design with padded shoulders.  With minimal interference and maximum comfort, the brace can be worn under clothing without irritation allowing a full range of motion.


Sizing Chart

Size Measurement
S 26~28 inches
M 29~32 inches
L 32~36 inches
XL 36~40 inches
2XL 40~44 inches
3XL 44~48 inches
4XL 48~52 inches

* Measure around the upper Chest (under the arms)

DDS Posture is available for purchase.

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What patients are saying

"I had been to 8 different doctors in a year’s time and two times with physical therapy. Not any of it seems to help. After the last doctor said that there wasn’t any more they could do for me I went out on my own to see what I could do to help myself. I had seen the DDS 500 on tv. They talked about how much it helped different people. "

Mildred Wilson, New Market, VA

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What medical professionals are saying

" have been using the DDS 500 as an adjunct to my spinal decompression therapy system for over
4 years now. I can say, without any hesitation, patient recovery time with decompression is
greatly reduced when they use the brace as opposed to doing decompression without it. They
simply get to a pain-free state much quicker."

Bryan C. Hansen, M. S., D.C.

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