Recommended for

  • Correcting poor posture
  • Upper back and shoulder pain
  • Clavicle injuries
  • Treat shoulder slump

The DDS Posture treats poor posture and upper back/shoulder pain.  It features an easy-to-adjust figure 8 design with padded shoulders.  With minimal interference and maximum comfort, the brace can be worn under clothing without irritation allowing a full range of motion.


Sizing Chart

Size Measurement
S 26~28 inches
M 29~32 inches
L 32~36 inches
XL 36~40 inches
2XL 40~44 inches
3XL 44~48 inches
4XL 48~52 inches

* Measure around the upper Chest (under the arms)

DDS Posture is available for purchase.

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What patients are saying

"My name is Dave and I thought I’d thank you for your great service. Also I’d like to tell you what got me to you. In 2008 I had a fusion on my back at L-4, L-5 and S1. It did not work for me. I was in chronic pain for 4 years until I found your great product. The DDS 300 belt. I've been thru so many belts from the drug stores and the ones they say that are the best on TV. Nothing worked for me until I found the DDS 300 air decompression belt."

Dave Wagner

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What medical professionals are saying

"I Wish to comment on my personal experience with the DDS Back Support and Brace System. I have used it now well over one year and have had excellent results with it. I'm very pleased with its versatility, especially that it can be used as just the inflatable back support and/or with the more rigid plates for the back and abdomen. I have used it in all of its formats."

Joseph Grassi, M.D.

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