Recommended for

  • Correcting poor posture
  • Upper back and shoulder pain
  • Clavicle injuries
  • Treat shoulder slump

The DDS Posture treats poor posture and upper back/shoulder pain.  It features an easy-to-adjust figure 8 design with padded shoulders.  With minimal interference and maximum comfort, the brace can be worn under clothing without irritation allowing a full range of motion.


Sizing Chart

Size Measurement
S 26~28 inches
M 29~32 inches
L 32~36 inches
XL 36~40 inches
2XL 40~44 inches
3XL 44~48 inches
4XL 48~52 inches

* Measure around the upper Chest (under the arms)

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What patients are saying

"As soon as the doctor put it on and pumped it up, I was amazed at how much pain was gone. I felt so much better. I told all my friends about it and referred them , most of them now have the DDS Brace. I don’t wear it all the time now, but I know if I am going to do yard work or mow the lawn I have to wear it. If I am shopping or walking around a lot, I wear it. It is a little harder to drive or sit with it because it rides up. It is easier for me to bend down than it was before."

Delores Davis, Rigby, ID

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What medical professionals are saying

"The DDS 500 has helped many of my patients tremendously. Since my specialty is rheumatology, my patient population varies in age and back disease severity. I have used it on pre and post surgical patients, both young and old. These patients have reported to me significant reduction in pain. They are also asking for less steroid injections and less narcotic pain medications. I would recommend trying the DDS 500 in patients suffering from chronic back pain that qualify."

Nancy Eisenberger, Family Nurse Practitioner

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