"I have been using traction devices with my patients since 1980 both as a Massage Therapist and then as a Chiropractor. I have used my hands, over the door water-bag devices, over the door repetitive devices and inversion devices to achieve traction. All of these have significant limitations. When I first saw the DDS Spinal-Air Decompression Belt and Collar I knew I found something altogether different and I would be using them myself."

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Dr. Barry Orlove, D.C.

"I have been suffering with chronic back pain for many years and have undergone numerous treatment modalities, as well as pain management. As a rehabilitation professional, I felt I had exhausted my options and feared surgical intervention was the only resource left."

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Phyllis Mandel P.T. Administrative Director

"Thank you for bringing the DDS traction systems to our department-in a short time they have proven to be unique and useful in treating spinal disorders, pain, and paresthesias. I have tried the DDS 300 myself one afternoon while experiencing low back pain, and it completely resolved my complaints while I wore it. I have never found such an effective dynamic lumbar stabilization brace, not to mention the constant lumbar distraction it provides while in motion."

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Matt Landfield, Senior Physical Therapist

"Your information packet could not have arrived at my office at a better time. Being in the practice for twenty years, I have always struggled with care of cervical disc herniations and was considering purchasing one of the numerous traction tables on the market. I have also disliked prescribing the over the door cervical traction units and have used numerous pillow and traction wedges. I must admit I had some doubts about your product but after a demonstration and trial use on numerous patients, I am more than satisfied.

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William Thimmel, D.C.

"This letter is in support of the ambulatory traction belt(DDS Belt) that we have been using at this clinic for over one year for our chronic back pain patients. I would estimate I have seen 80 to 85% of the patients that I have used this with have moderate to significant relief of their back pain when ambulatory or with prolonged standing. I particularly like to use this device because it does not have the side effects of oplold medicines have and also it is noninvasive and again, it has been very helpful with our patients."

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Barratt C. Sturtevant, PA-C

"I am an Orthotic Technician and have been in the Orthotic and Prosthetic industry for 26 years. I have seen many different types of lumbar supports and have fabricated and adjusted devices myself, for various conditions.
In early September of 2010 the owner of my company left your brochure for the DDS 500 on my workbench and told me to contact DDS and find out the specifics of the device. We had received your brochure before, but now he had a very difficult patient in mind."

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Julie Steller, Orthotic Technician

"I Wish to comment on my personal experience with the DDS Back Support and Brace System. I have used it now well over one year and have had excellent results with it. I'm very pleased with its versatility, especially that it can be used as just the inflatable back support and/or with the more rigid plates for the back and abdomen. I have used it in all of its formats."

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Joseph Grassi, M.D.

"I practice chronic pain medicine for the Sanford Pain Center in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The lumbar DDS Belt is a big, new help to me in treating multi-level, lumbar degenerative disc disease."

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John Hansen, M.D.

"As an Interventional Cardiologist who spends hours at a time wearing a heavy protective lead jacket in an x-ray lab doing research, the DDS 500 has been nothing less than a career saver for me. I began developing pain in my lumbar spine a few years ago. It became so bad that I visited a pain doctor who, among other things, introduced me to the DDS 500."

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Dr. Frank T. Bunch

"Research now confirms the majority of chronic back and neck problems comes from the spinal disc. Injury to the disc can compress nearby nerves and place stress on the facet joints which introduces a cycle of pain and loss of function. Any approach to resolving this pathology must allow for 2 key factors, a reduction of pressure on the area and an increase of circulation to the damaged tissue."

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Dr. Stephen Stokes BS, DC, FIAMA

" have been using the DDS 500 as an adjunct to my spinal decompression therapy system for over
4 years now. I can say, without any hesitation, patient recovery time with decompression is
greatly reduced when they use the brace as opposed to doing decompression without it. They
simply get to a pain-free state much quicker."

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Bryan C. Hansen, M. S., D.C.

"Want instant relief from back pain for your customers?
Get the DDS Belt. I have been using them since 2008 and never had one complaint.
The customer gets instant relief. This belt has tripled my back brace business, in fact,
customers that use it get me most of my new business"

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Gregory Amendolea

"Scoliosis had just about brought my active career and lifestyle to a halt. With pinched nerves I was unable to feel toes on my left foot and that leg was numb most of the time. Having heard from several orthopedic surgeons that nothing could be done to correct my spine I was close to being resigned to walking with a cane and enduring the non-stop pain. In addition, over the years I had spoken to many of my own patients who had back surgery"

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Martha S. Cassity, D.M.D.

"Approximately 80 percent of the patients we see here with neck pain are suffering from some degree of disc herniation. We started dispensing the DDS MAX Cervical Traction within our clinic as of October 2012 to most all of our qualifying patients resulting in very good outcomes. About 90 percent of our patients have reported significant relief within just a few days of using the DDS MAX. Prior to using the DDS MAX our patients were doing mostly manual therapy with our physical therapists and using the over-the-door traction devices. We have found the DDS MAX to be much safer and easier to use allowing our patients the ability to treat themselves more often, which is important to the speed of their recovery."

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Dr. Syed Hussain Family Medicine and Rehab

"The DDS 500 has helped many of my patients tremendously. Since my specialty is rheumatology, my patient population varies in age and back disease severity. I have used it on pre and post surgical patients, both young and old. These patients have reported to me significant reduction in pain. They are also asking for less steroid injections and less narcotic pain medications. I would recommend trying the DDS 500 in patients suffering from chronic back pain that qualify."

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Nancy Eisenberger, Family Nurse Practitioner

"I have been a practicing chiropractor for 18 years. Patients are loving the lumbar decompression belts. We just started selling them and have sold 2 dozen already. All of the feedback has been positive and they are really helping people. Many patients will wear them under garments and you don't even see that they are using them. It is a great product and my patients have benefited from them."

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Dr. Sheppard, D.C.

"I delivered the DDS to one of our patients yesterday and called today to follow up to see how the patient was doing. I spoke with the patients husband today and he stated that he had not seen his wife experience such relief in years. He also told me that he went back to his doctors office to tell them how good the brace was."

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Michael Sutton, DME Supplier

"The DDS Max cervical traction collar has provided clinical results equal to our in house non-surgical decompression program. The collar offers an opportunity to engage the patient in active care and therefore increases compliance..."

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Dr. Stephen Stokes B.Sc., D.C., F.I.A.M.A.

"I am delighted to say I am much improved and the standing during long surgeries is no longer a dreaded event. It was a bit uncomfortable to use initially and I had to get used to what pressure would work for me ... but I am at the point now where I will not stand for any length of time without it...."

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Maurice Leibman MD

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