DDS Forms

Description File Name Size
Order Form 2017-Order-Form.pdf 695 KB Download
Customer Credit Application Customer-Credit-Application.pdf 1 MB Download
Credit Card Authorization Form Credit-Card-Authorization.pdf 31 KB Download
Warranty, Return and Exhange Policy for Suppliers DDS-RMA-Warranty-Return-and-Exchange-Policy-for-Suppliers.pdf 635 KB Download
Detailed Written Order (prescription)- DDS 500/Double DWO-DDS_500__DDS_Double.pdf 1 MB Download
Detailed Written Order (prescription)- DDS Cervitrac DWO-Cervitrac.pdf 181 KB Download
Detailed Written Order (prescription)- OA Kneetrac DWO-OA-KNEETRAC.pdf 87 KB Download

PDAC Letters

Description File Name Size
DDS 500 PDAC Letter PDAC-Letter-Coding-Verification-for-the-DDS-500_L0631.pdf 977 KB Download
DDS Double PDAC Letter DDS-Double-Coding-Verification_L0637.pdf 1 MB Download
DDS Cervitrac PDAC Letter PDAC-Letter-Cervitrac-1.pdf 127 KB Download
OA Kneetrac PDAC Letter PDAC-LETTER-OA-KNEETRAC.pdf 123 KB Download
DDS Easy Wrap PDAC Letter PDAC-LETTER-CODING-VERIFICATION-41863210.pdf 112 KB Download
DDS Posture PDAC Letter PDAC-Letter-DDS-Posture.pdf 41 KB Download

DDS Product Brochures

Description File Name Size
DDS 300 Brochure DDS-300.pdf 1 MB Download
DDS 500 Brochure DDS-500.pdf 1 MB Download
DDS 500 Brochure (Spanish) DDS-500-BROCHURE_SPANISH.pdf 914 KB Download
DDS Cervitrac Brochure DDS_CerviTrac-Tri-fold-Brochure.pdf 2 MB Download
DDS Double Brochure DDS-DOUBLE-BROCHURE.pdf 1 MB Download
DDS MAX Brochure DDS-MAX-BROCHURE-1.pdf 936 KB Download
DDS OA Kneetrac OA-KneeTrac.pdf 2 MB Download

DDS Product Manuals

Description File Name Size
DDS MAX Manual DDS-MAX_manual.pdf 354 KB Download
DDS Cervitrac Manual DDS_Cervitrac_Manual.compressed.pdf 742 KB Download
DDS 300 Manual dds-300-manual.pdf 939 KB Download
DDS 500 Manual dds-500-manual.pdf 2 MB Download
DDS 500 Manual (Spanish) DDS-500_2011-USER-MANUALSPANISH.pdf 2 MB Download
DDS DOUBLE Manual DDS-Double_manual.pdf 1 MB Download
DDS G2 Manual DDS-G2-User-Manual-1.pdf 973 KB Download
DDS OA Kneetrac Manual manual_Eng.pdf 1 MB Download
DDS Posture Manual dds-posture-manual.pdf 1 MB Download
DDS Troubleshooting Troubleshooting-Post-Card.pdf 359 KB Download

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